Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hi... I'm backkk....!!!!

I felt like a decade.. im not updating this blog.. can see spider's web everywhere.. hahahaah

Well... ya know.. i'm a very buzy working mummy... whoahahahhahaha.. (mcm la bizi sgt..) In fact, i wasnt going anywhere... i'm still in town... go to work everyday.. doing mummy's job as routine.. wife's job of course lerr.. berdosa tauu x buat!!! ekekekekek..

Honestly, i'm just tooo lazy to write.. the more so if blog was so hard to access, (not sure the problem whether slow bcoz of internet itself or bcoz too heavy with papa's games in the pc)..... whoooaaa.. tension gilerr.. that's why all the mood gone like the winds...

Meanwhile... office got new admin officer(AF) Me, and all the admin Unit has to work under his supervision.. Whoaahaa, mcm culture shock kejap.. ekekkeke... He kinds of very strict person but stil have budi bicara lagi laa.. Me, every day got new tasks.. every meeting he conducts, he'll pass the minits for me to type but sometime me pun kena masuk meeting tu jgk.. His writing.. aduhaaii.. kalah doktorr.. crawling like biawak to understand what he wrote.. pastu meeting lak dlm seminggu ada dekat 10 jenis... just imagine that.. waaaa!!! Not to mention have also to catch up with my boss.. my actual boss.. that one of course is written in the job description.. secretary for pengarah.. wajibul ghunnoh kena buat.. kalu x buat, ilang markah SKT.. heheheheh

But alhmdulillah, i manage to finish the job ontime and equally.. ecececechhehe... have to laa.. kalu x, for sure kena bamboo.. ekkekeke.. Besides, the new AF tu, kind of x loket dengan compliment.. whoever can get what he asked.. mmg dia puji la.. but, sapa yg saja2 or ada jer excuse.. mmg kena aar.. huhuhu.. So ikot2kan.. kot celah mana lah me nk update blog.. kan.. kan.. kan..

Okeh la enuf for the office stuff..

Let's go to my two cinonet heroes... whoahahaha.. Musa & Isa.. Two little notty monster they become.. Their creativity.. haiyya.. beyond the limits.. and of course, me and the papa, beyond headache everytime.. ehehheeheh

Musa, already three years old now.. always bahasakan himself abang.. or abang muce with every people he met.. Even pelat2.. always want to know anything.. tk kira, apa jer mender.. soklan dia xder lain.. " apa tu.. apa tu?" until he get the answers.. he will not stop.. gamat sungguh.. especially while im driving.. ada jer la soklan dia.. but yang funnynyer.. all kind of answer he wants.. just one type of question jerr he asked.. "apa tu.. apa tu?" Ask for us to repeat what we said pun, "apa tu" jgk.. hehheheh. Love to sing.. lagi la with his adik... mcm2 bunyi keluar.. ehehheeh. He can sing 'twinkle2 little star' now.. but in his pelat.. Adik, si Isa, almost 2 years now also can sing.. but dont know what word he sing.. cuma can guess dari melody dia jerr.. boleh tau song apa... kire, melodi dah ada.. but lirik hancusss.. hahahahahah

Almost every day.. i like a radio to them.. got to sing the song they want.. yg kelakarnya.. if the song doesnt match each other.. mesti tgh2 tu.. ada la yg object..."tak.. tak.. tak.." Selalunya, abg ask me to sing twinkle2 litlle star.. tp baru jer first ryhme... adik dah ckp "tak... tak.. tak..! BABA!" so kena la i nyanyi Baba the black sheep.. Adik apa lagi, sing along la.. if abg okeh with that song..he also sing along... ekekkekek.. Adik if singing.. paling terer jd echo.. sbbnya, yang ujung2 jer dgr.. yg lelain tu.. apa2 ntah.. hehehhe

Two of them, mmg giler Ultraman... x kira la ultraman apa.. dyna ker, cosmos ker, tiga ker.. sumernyer dorang tau... tp adik x sebut ultraman.. instead he sebut "chiaa".. i dont know where did he gets that word... Fighting.. hmm, can say no more.. always! Abg la yg selalu mulakan.. tolak2 adik.. then do the ultraman2 thing to his adik... Apa lagi, menjerit la si kecit tu... when i asked him not to do that.. he will jerit2 at me.. "ultraman fight rakcaca." Aduh, so geram.. adik pun, boleh tahan... x padan kecit.. "chia.. chia.. chia.." kt abg dia.. pastu kalu sakit... mula la dtg dgn muka busuk dia tu.. " tatik... ummi tatik..."

Ikotkan.. so much to write.. but dont know how to write.. ekekkekekek...
Okehla.. already late to fetch the boys...
So, for this entry.. i just upload some photos.. me with the two lil monsters..